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  • Proposed change of registration policy for .IE domain names

    IEDR, the Irish Domain Registry, recently announced that it was a running a Public Consultation with a view to liberalising the .IE domain name registration policy. The current registration requirements for .IE domain names are the following: 1. A connection to Ireland Applicants can be: •    Irish citizens or residents; •    Companies registered in Ireland;...

  • Top Hats and Baseball Caps: Old vs New Estates in the Battle for London

    Hogan Lovells hosted the Reading Real Estate Foundation Breakfast Forum (RREF) on 8 December 2016. RREF is a registered charity that provides support for real estate and planning education at the University of Reading. The event featured presentations by: • Alison Nimmo, Chief Executive at The Crown Estate; • Craig McWilliam, Chief Executive at Grosvenor Britain &...

  • Details of Legal Challenge to Privacy Shield Revealed

    Ever since the first draft of the EU-US Privacy Shield framework was published in early 2016, groups opposed to the idea have indicated their intent to challenge the legality of the framework under EU law. Recently, the privacy advocacy group Digital Rights Ireland (DRI) made good on that promise. Following the filing of a formal...

  • European Court invalidates transfer of clinical data from the EU to the U.S through the Safe Harbor Framework

    The Court of Justice of the European Union declares invalid the European Commission’s Safe Harbor Decision and its implications on the transfer of clinical data to the U.S On 6 October 2015, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”) ruled that the European Commission Decision on the adequacy of the EU-U.S Safe Harbor...

  • Unsurprisingly, U.S. Court Rules that Cloud Provider Must Produce Data Stored Abroad

    On July 31, a U.S. District Court judge ruled from the bench that Microsoft could be forced to turn over customer emails in the context of a law enforcement investigation even though those emails were stored on servers located in Ireland. Microsoft had contested the government’s request, arguing that the data was subject to Irish law and that the U.S. government was required to utilize law...

  • European Commission Approves Merger of Second and Fourth Largest Irish Wireless Carriers

    On May 28, 2014, the European Commission approved the acquisition of the second largest mobile telecommunications carrier in Ireland by the fourth largest provider.  The US$1 billion merger of O2 Ireland and H3G (known as Three), which had been awaiting regulatory approval since October 2013, will result in a new entity with a 37.5% market...

  • CJEU annuls Data Retention Directive

    In a judgment handed down yesterday, the Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU“) struck down the Data Retention Directive as a measure amounting to a disproportionate interference with fundamental rights protected by the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (the “Charter“). The decision stems from references to the CJEU by the...

  • How To Work With Your European Data Protection Authority

    At this week's IAPP Privacy Academy in Seattle, Washington, Harriet Pearson, Partner in the Hogan Lovells Privacy and Information Practice, hosted a breakout session entitled How to work with Your European Data Protection Authority. The Session featured Billy Hawkes, Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland, and focused on providing privacy practitioners with practical advice on how to approach a...

  • Deutsches Datenschutzrecht nicht auf Facebook anwendbar

    Das Verwaltungsgericht (VG) Schleswig-Holstein hat zwei Entscheidungen gefällt, die weitreichende Folgen für Internet-Unternehmen haben könnten, welche ihren Hauptsitz nicht in Europa haben, aber europäische Kunden bedienen. In zwei Beschlüssen vom 14. Februar (Az.: 8 B 60/12 und 8 B 61/12) hat das Gericht entschieden, dass das deutsche Datenschutzrecht weder auf die US-amerikanische Facebook Inc.

  • German Court Holds Presence of Irish Subsidiary Precludes Application of German Data Protection Law to Facebook

    In a decision with important implications not only for Facebook but potentially for many companies not primarily located in Europe but with European customers, on February 14 the Administrative Court (Verwaltungsgericht) for the German State Schleswig-Holstein decided that German data protection law is not applicable to U.S.-based Facebook Inc. as well as its European subsidiary, Facebook Ireland

  • Irish Court: IP addresses not personal data

    Irish Court upholds contractual graduated response mechanism to fight online copyright infringement, holding that IP addresses are not personal data before they are transferred to the ISP

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