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  • King Coal's return to Britain

    Sir, – In light of the British government giving the go-ahead for the first coal mine in 30 years in Cumbria, should Michael Gove be now dubbed "Secretary of State for Shovelling Up"? – Yours, etc,

  • World Cup quarter-final: Donabate Mac Allisters provide Ireland with tenuous link to Qatar

    World Cup quarter-final: Netherlands v Argentina, Lusail Stadium, Friday, 7pm (Irish time) – Live on RTÉ 2 and BBC One

  • Bono – a safe pair of hands

    Sir, – Bono stands tall in Morocco goal as they eliminate Spain from the World Cup. Is there no end to his talents? – Yours, etc,

  • Coats in church

    Sir, – Maurice Fitzgerald writes "many people keep their coats on" in church (Letters, December 7th).

  • NI dysfunctionality is a shared experience

    Sir, – I am afraid that a great many people would have difficulty agreeing with Newton Emerson's assertion that "the renewable heat incentive (RHI) scheme revealed a completely dysfunctional civil service" ("Northern Ireland, a technocracy once again", Opinion and Analysis, December, 1st).

  • Royal treatment

    Sir, – Every time I fly from Kerry Airport to Dublin I get a little irked at having to go through immigration control and show ID. Surely this is taking the acknowledgement of us being from a separate Kingdom a little too far. – Yours, etc,

  • Temporary solution

    Sir, – Could we please have speakers on the broadcast media give the word "temporary" back its fourth syllable? Unless, of course, the move to three syllables is a permanent one? – Yours, etc,

  • Where are you from?

    Sir, – The redundancy of Róisín Ingle's article (Life, December 7th) on the supposed social perils of asking people where they are from is highlighted by the raison d'être of the regular series below her piece, "New to the Parish". – Yours, etc,

  • Bingo – full house

    A chara, – I have taken to playing "Sinn Féin bingo" with some of your columnists.

  • Christmas and commerce

    Sir, – Michael Gannon seems to suggest that the media and advertisers are mostly responsible for the extraordinary spending splurge at Christmas (Letters, December 6th).

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