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  • Farrington v Tennant

    Lis pendens. Claim on the plenary summons. Reasonable cause of action. Inherent jurisdiction. Mortgage deed

  • Start Mortgages DAC v Kavanagh

    Set aside the judgment. Breach of the fundamental constitutional rights of a party. Order for possession. Exceptional jurisdiction. Notice of motion

  • Scotchstone Capital Fund Ltd v Ireland

    Application for a stay. Final judgment. Parties consent. Inherent jurisdiction. Clerical mistakes. Second relief

  • Coughlan v O'Brien

    Appoint a receiver. Registration of title. Interlocutory injunction. Rights of an original charge holder. Fair issue. Land registry

  • Dowling v Ireland

    Solicitor in previous proceedings. Substantive hearing. Perfected order. Matter of general professional practice

  • Sherwin v an Bord Pleanála

    Building within the curtilage of a protected structure. Applicant as a specific ground in the present judicial review. Special interest. Development plan

  • The Board of Management of Wilson's Hospital School v Burke

    Interlocutory injunction. Contempt motion. Daily fine. Obey the order. School premises. Restraining the defendant

  • DPP v Foley

    Low sentence on the trespass offence. Aggravated burglary

  • DPP v J.O'C.

    Jury in the criminal trial process as the sole arbiter of issues of fact. Joinder of counts in an indictment of offences. Sexual abuse. Gave evidence. Second complainant

  • Urban and Rural Recycling Ltd v Zurich Insurance Plc

    Vicarious liability for the negligence of a user of the vehicle. Passengers for the purposes of third party compulsory motor insurance. Use of the vehicle. Road traffic

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