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  • DPP -v- Mangan, [2001] IESC 40 (2001)

    ...BETWEEN:. THE DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS. Prosecutor/Respondent. and. SIMON MANGAN. Accused/Appellant . JUDGMENT delivered the 6th day of April 2001 by Keane C.J. This is a Consultative Case Stated by Judge Patrick McCartan ...

  • Minister for Justice and Equality -v- Downey, [2019] IEHC 119 (2019)

    ...I would echo and adapt the words of Simon Brown L.J. in Woodcock v. Government of New Zealand [2003] EWHC 2668 ... rights was dealt with by this Court in Minister for Justice v Mangan [2017] IEHC 233 and later by the Court of Appeal [2017 IECA 329. As this ...