"POTATOMAN" - 137746-137747

Administrative Decision Number137746-137747
Trade Marks Act, 1963
Decision in hearing in the Patents Office
IN THE MATTER OF an application for registration of Trade Mark Nos. 137746
and 137747 and in the matter of an Opposition thereto.
1. Tayto (NI) Limited, a company organised and existing under the laws of Northern
Ireland, United Kingdom, of Tandragee Castle, Tandragee, County Armagh BT62
2AA, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, made application on 3 November 1989
to register the device of a “potato man” as a Trade Mark in Part A of the Register
in classes 29 (No 89/5923) and 30 (No 89/5924) in respect of the following goods:
Class 29 – “Potato crisps, other potato products and potato preparations all
included in Class 29 and prepared in the form of or for use in making into snack
foods; puffed pork rind for food for human consumption, processed peanuts and
roasted nuts.”
Class 30 – “Snack foods included in Class 30 and prepared from cereal
preparations and/or potato flour.”

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