16 Years A-Growing: A Reflection on 'Corporate Insolvency and Rescue', Second Edition by Irene Lynch-Fannon and Gerard Nicholas Murphy

Date01 January 2013
AuthorDeclan Murphy BL
Bloomsbury, May 2012
ISBN 978 1-84766-379-5
Declan Murphy BL
1996 saw the publication of “Corporate Insolvency and Rescue” by Irene
Lynch, Jane Marshall and Rory O’Ferrall. That book represented part of the
blossoming of corporate insolvency law scholarship and publication in Ireland
(which had seen the publication by Ronan Keane of the f‌irst edition of Company
Law in the Republic of Ireland (1991), the publication by Dr. Michael Forde
the f‌irst edition of the Law of Corporate Insolvency (1993) and the publication
of the f‌irst edition by Dr. Tom Courtney of The Law of Private Companies
(1994)). Alongside those publications was the publication in 1993 of the f‌irst
edition by Lyndon MacCann of his seminal annotation of the Companies
It was only in 2012 that a second edition of Corporate Insolvency and
Rescue was published, now under the authorship of Professor Lynch-Fannon
and Gerard Murphy. Like the f‌irst edition, the second edition is a marriage
of academic and practitioner perspectives. The publication of a second edition
of this valuable text at a distance of some 16 years from the publication of
the f‌irst edition allows readers to ref‌lect on a number of issues and themes,
including, legal and academic scholarship in Ireland, the role played by
particular judges in the development of corporate insolvency law and, more
generally, the role of corporate insolvency law in Irish economy and society.
The period 1996 to 2012 has seen very considerable changes in the Irish
economy. There was a period of modest, then accelerating, then ultimately
catastrophic growth. 2006/2007 saw a peak of the residential and investment
property markets and, from Autumn 2008, Ireland has suffered a banking
crisis and resultant recession, more severe than anything seen since the Great
1 Irene Lynch Fannon and Gerard Nicholas Murphy, Corporate Insolvency and Rescue,
2nd edn (Bloomsbury, 2012)
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