PRINCIPE - 789926

Administrative Decision Number789926
SectionTrade Marks Act, 1996 - 2003-2007
Decision in Hearing
IN THE MATTER OF a request for protection of International Trade Mark No.
789926 and in the matter of an opposition thereto.
International registration
1. Principe SpA, of 166 Via Ducca degli Abruzzi, 1-21100 Varese, Italy, is the
Holder of International Trade Mark Registration No. 789926 in respect of the
figurative trade mark, PRINCIPE (shown below), which was registered by the
International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organisation as of 5 June,
2002 in Classes 18, 25 and 42 for the goods and services listed hereunder:
Class 18: Handbags, suitcases, large bags for travel, vanity cases, wallets;
attaché cases, school satchels, umbrellas.
Class 25: Dresses made from skins; men's, women's and children's clothing,
shirts; ladies' shirts; skirts; jackets; trousers; shorts; undershirts;
knitwear; pyjamas; shoes; socks; sleeveless knitwear; blouses;
garter belts; panties and underpants; slips; slippers; footwear in
general; hats; sashes; scarves; neckties; waterproof clothing;
overcoats; coats; bathing suits; sports outfits; anoraks; ski
trousers; belts; furs.
Class 42: Research and development service, which consists in the
elaboration of technical projects and designs for goods, with
particular reference to stylistic design of clothing, footwear,

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