Annie McCarrick: Exact timeline of events as gardai launch murder probe

Published date24 March 2023
Annie McCarrick, 26, was last seen by her flatmates on March 26, 1993, before she went missing in a mystery that has baffled investigators for three decades. As the 30th anniversary of her disappearance draws near, gardai have upgraded the investigation into a murder inquiry

Annie, who was originally from Long Island, New York, first visited Ireland as a teenager on a school trip. She later went on to complete her college education at St Patrick's College, Drumcondra and at St Patrick's College, Maynooth before returning to New York in 1991, where she completed her studies at Stoney Brook University, New York.

Annie permanently moved to Ireland in January 1993 where she lived in St Catherine's Court, Sandymount with two other tenants. She worked as a waitress at the Courtyard Restaurant, Donnybrook and as a waitress at Cafe Java on Leeson Street.

Here is the full time of event leading up to Annie's disappearance 30 years ago:

* March 17, 1993: Annie attends the St Patrick's Day parade with friends. Gardai said Annie carried out a normal life working, socialising in various licensed premises, and visiting friends over the next few days.

* Thursday, March 25: Annie was not working but called to Cafe Java to collect her wages. Her wages were not ready and Annie arranged to call again on Friday. She then visited friends and stayed for dinner.

* Friday, March 26: Annie spoke to both her flatmates before they left separately to travel home for the weekend. Annie was excited planning for a visit by her mother Nancy on March 30. She visited the AIB branch on Sandymount Road shortly before 11am to run some personal banking errands. This is the last confirmed sighting of Annie McCarrick, captured on CCTV. Annie also invited her friends to her apartment for dinner the next day. There were other reported sightings of Annie in Sandymount Green. She was also reportedly seen boarding a No 44 bus bound for Enniskerry and a number of further reported sightings in Enniskerry village and Johnnie Fox's pub.

* Saturday, March 27: Annie's friends grew concerned after she was not at home when they called for the dinner invite. She had also not turned up for work on Saturday. A friend who turned up at her apartment that evening spoke to her...

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