Assistive Technology appeal by school form

Published date04 November 2019
IssuerDepartment of Education
Assistive Technology (Circular 0010/2013)
Appeal by school
The main purpose for which the Department requires the personal data provided by you is facilitate the allocation of
assistive technology in line with the scheme and process appeals. The personal data provided is shared between the
Department and the NCSE. The privacy notice outlining further information in relation to this form can be found at
Full details of the Department's data protection policy setting out how we will use your personal data or that of the
child as well as information regarding your rights as a data subject are available at Details of this policy and privacy notice are also
available in hard copy upon request from the following address : Special Education Section, Department of
Education and Skills, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co. Westmeath N37 X659.
A. Pupil Details
Name of pupil
B. School Details
Name of School
Address of School
School Roll Number
C. Description of Appeal (tick one)
An appeal against a refusal by the Department of Education and Skills to sanction an assistive technology
grant to a school on the grounds that it does not fulfil the criteria set out in Circular 0010/2013.
Other (e.g. Where an Assistive Technology grant has been sanctioned, but the school wishes to appeal
the amount of the grant, or the specific equipment for which sanction has been granted) please
provide further details below.
Where “other” is selected above, please briefly outline below the basis for the appeal personal information on
the pupil, including details of their specific disability/special educational need should not be provided.
Signed by Principal:
Phone number:
(It may be necessary to contact you to
discuss the appeal)
Email address:
Once completed, appeal form to be submitted to:
Primary or Special Schools (and Post-Primary Schools where the application is for audiological equipment):
The Higher Executive Officer, (Assistive Technology) Special Education Section, Department of Education and Skills,
Athlone, Co. Westmeath N37 X659
Post Primary Schools:
The Higher Executive Officer (Assistive Technology) Schools Division Financial, DES, Cornamaddy, Athlone N37 X659
IMPORTANT: The purpose of this form is to allow the Department consider an appeal from a school where assistive
technology has not been granted, or where it has been granted but the school wishes to appeal the amount of the
grant, or the specific equipment provided. The original application form and/or professional reports supplied to the
SENO should not be re-submitted with this appeal form. In the event that new or updated reports are available,
these may be submitted to SENO in support of a new application. An appeal of the decision not to award Assistive
Technology can only be based on the information on which the original decision was made.

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