Atypical Work Scheme For Non-EEA National Employees Due To Launch 2 September 2013

Author:Mr Bryan Dunne, Brian Buggy, John Dunne and Paul Glenfield

The Atypical Working Scheme which was originally due to launch on 1 July, is now expected to be implemented on 2 September 2013.

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) in conjunction with the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, will pilot this Scheme. The Scheme will facilitate working arrangements such as:

persons being employed in the State on a short term basis ie, between 14 and 90 calendar days (inclusive); persons being employed on a trial basis (not exceeding 90 days inclusive of date of entry to the State); persons required to travel to Ireland for work on an intermittent basis; self-employed providers of services; and paid interns who are full-time students studying outside of the State. This Scheme does not apply to non-EEA nationals who gain employment through the High Skilled Jobs Interview Authorisation, are a holder of a Van der Elst visa, or...

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