Book reviews - Wylie On Irish Land Law (6th Edition)

Pagespp 186 - 189
Published date12 January 2022
Date12 January 2022
Wylie on Irish Land Law
(6th Edition)
Wylie on Irish Land Law by Professor J.C.W. Wylie (6th edn, Bloomsbury
Professional, 2020)
Professor J.C.W. Wylie has been synonymous with Irish land law since the
production of his rst text in this area over 40 years ago.1 Indeed, that work and
subsequent editions have come to be regarded as a touchstone of legal knowledge in
Irish land law, covering, as they do, all key topics and providing essential reference
As one might expect therefore, this review of the 6th edition of Professor Wylie’s
Irish Land Law focuses on what the new edition adds to the store of knowledge and
information previously disseminated by the author.
It is seven years since the last edition and ten years since the fourth edition.2
Much has happened in that time, particularly in terms of recognising the extent
of and interpreting and implementing the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform
Act 2009 (the ‘2009 Act’). Indeed, given the signicance of the 2009 Act in what
might previously have been regarded as a fairly settled area of law, it is no surprise
that three of the six editions of Professor Wylie’s Land Law textbook have been
published since that Act came into force.
While the 4th edition acted as an important guide to the changes wrought by the
2009 Act, the interpretation of the legislation by case law has added substantially
to the area. Unsurprisingly therefore the 5th edition and this new edition focus
heavily on these cases, providing a comprehensive review and extraction of the key
principles laid down by such cases, as well as updating on other legislative reform.3
* Juli Rea is a partner with JRAP O’Meara Solicitors, specialising in Banking and Commercial
Property. She is also a Council member of the Southern Law Association and its Conveyancing
Committee, and lectures and tutors frequently for the Law Society Law School at Blackhall Place in
the areas of Applied Land Law and Commercial Conveyancing. Any views or opinions expressed in
this review are the personal views and opinions of the author.
1 Irish Land Law 1st edition published in 1975 with e Hon. Mr. Justice Kenny as Consultant
Editor for the Republic of Ireland and stating the law as a May 1, 1975.
2 Calculating the time period from the dates on which the law is stated i.e., the 4th edition states the
law as at the 1 August 2010, the 5th edition states the law as at 15 July 2013, and the 6th edition as
at 1 September 2020.
3 Covering the additional statutory reforms since the 2009 Act came into force to include the
National Asset Management Agency Act 2009; the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011;
the Personal Insolvency Act 2012; the Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2013 (rst covered
in the 5th Edition); the Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Acts 2015, 2016 and 2019; and the
Land and Conveyancing Law Reform (Amendment) Act 2019 (covered by this 6th Edition).

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