Bulk Transfers of Charges and Judgment Mortgages

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1. Introduction

This practice direction covers all applications lodged in bulk for registration of Transfers of Registered Charges in Form 56 of the Land Registration Rules 2012 and Transfers of Judgment Mortgages. Bulk transfers of property (Form 19 to 24 of LR Rules 2012), Transfers of Liens and Transfers of Crystallised Charges are not intended to be covered. A bulk application is defined as an application affecting 30 or more folios.

Where a property is unregistered, even if the property is the subject of an application for first registration currently pending in the Land Registry, the appropriate application should be made to the Registry of Deeds rather than the Land Registry.

2. Preliminary Check of Excel Spreadsheet Data

When an application is to be made for registration of a bulk application an Excel spreadsheet containing a list of the folios and the relevant entry numbers is to be prepared by the lodging solicitor. The data must be provided in the format as set out in the Appendix hereto with separate columns for: County; Folio Number; Tenure; and Entry Number.

Prior to lodgement of the application, this spreadsheet is to be electronically submitted to the Bulk Applications Section for approval. The email address for lodgement is bulktransfers@prai.ie. Upon receipt, this spreadsheet is checked to ensure that it is in the correct format and that only correct folios and entry numbers are set out therein. Any problems or issues are to be pointed out to the solicitor for correction.

When all of the data has been checked and confirmed, the solicitor should be informed that the application for registration should be lodged. Each application should be accompanied by a certificate, signed by the individual solicitor lodging the application, that the details of the relevant charges/ judgment mortgages and the relevant entry numbers of the charges/judgment mortgages and the relevant folio numbers provided in the spreadsheet corresponds exactly with the details of the charges/ judgment mortgages in the schedule to the deed of transfer. The application should be lodged by the solicitor within 48 hours.

An application for registration will only be accepted after the data contained in the spreadsheet has been formally approved.

3. Fees

Fees are to be charged by reference to the consideration in the deed of transfer. If the consideration is not specified in the deed, the maximum fee of €800 should be applied. One fee covers all transfers in the same transaction where...

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