Bunyan v United Dominions Trust (Ireland) Ltd

CourtEmployment Appeal Tribunal (Ireland)
Judgment Date01 January 1982
Date01 January 1982
United Dominions Trust (Ireland) Ltd

Natural justice -Gradual deterioration of working relationship -Termination of employment - Whether compliance with requirements of natural justice -Relevance of fair procedures - Assessment of compensation - Contribution by claimant -Unfair Dismissals Act, 1977 (No. 10), s. 7.

The claimant commenced employment as a marketing manager with the respondent in 1973 and reported directly to the managing director. After re-organisation in 1976 other managers reported to the claimant. In September, 1978, the managing director had an appraisal interview with the claimant and the claimant took issue with him for inter alia, giving him a "standard performance"rating and for instructing him to dismiss other managers. From this time on, the working relationship between the claimant and the managing director and other managers deteriorated. In June, 1979, the claimant received a warning notice, which notice threatened dismissal on the ground that the claimant was undermining the authority of the managing director. After some negotiations it was agreed between the claimant's union and the respondent to refer the "warning" dispute to a Rights Commissioner. On the 6th November, 1979, the managing director was told of a conversation which the claimant had had with a junior staff employee which conversation, if occurring as reported, might have undermined the authority of the general manager. The managing director requested reports from other managers and called a board...

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