Case Number: ADJ-00000168. Workplace Relations Commission

Docket NumberADJ-00000168
Date03 March 2016
CourtWorkplace Relations Commission
PartiesAn Employee -v- An Employer

Adjudication Decision Reference: ADJ-00000168

Complaint for resolution:


Complaint/Dispute Reference No.

Date of Receipt

Complaint seeking adjudication by the Workplace Relations Commission under section 7 of the Terms of Employment (Information) Act, 1994



Date of Adjudication Hearing: 07/01/2016

Workplace Relations Commission Adjudication Officer: Kevin Baneham


On the 15th October 2015, the complainant referred a complaint in relation to his employment with the respondent. He raises the issues of pay, holiday pay and notification of lay-off. The complaint was referred to adjudication on the 7th January 2016. In accordance with Section 41(4) of the Workplace Relations Act, following the referral of the complaint to me by the Director General, I inquired into the complaint and gave the parties an opportunity to be heard by me and to present to me any evidence relevant to the complaint. The complainant attended in person and a director attended on behalf of the respondent company.

Complainant’s Submission and Presentation:

The complainant outlined that he commenced working with the respondent on the 27th May 2015 and this came to an end on the 31st July 2015. He is a plumber and was engaged by the respondent to work on a building site, in this case a hotel. The complaint form indicates that his gross weekly pay was €750 and he said that he received about €600 net. His wages were paid in cash and while the respondent's accountant had told him that he could have any pay slip, he was only supplied with a number of pay slips.

The complainant outlined that he had been out of work between January and May 2015, so that he was entitled to his full tax credits for the 2015 tax year. When he was paid in June 2015, he ought to have received €1,600 but only received €1,100. The respondent to the complainant that he would be paid the difference in the weeks that followed. While some payments had been made since then, the complainant reckoned that he was owed €400 or €500 by the respondent.

In respect of holiday pay, the complainant outlined that he had not taken any annual leave during his period of employment with the respondent. He had built up an entitlement to annual leave pursuant to his contract of employment.

The complainant said that his employment ended when the respondent director informed him that there would be no work when the job at the hotel ended. The respondent did not provide a letter saying the complainant was on lay off, preventing the complainant from availing of social welfare. There was also a delay in receiving his P45. The parties met for the complainant to collect his P45 and at this meeting, the complainant raised the outstanding pay owed and his holiday pay. He said that the respondent director replied that he would be paid when payment came through for the job.

Respondent’s Submission and Presentation:

The director of the respondent company attended the adjudication. He confirmed the identity of the respondent and that it was a limited company. In relation to the...

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