Case Number: ADJ-00003090. Workplace Relations Commission

CourtWorkplace Relations Commission
Docket NumberADJ-00003090
Date02 August 2016
PartiesEmployer v Employee

Adjudication Decision Reference: ADJ-00003090

Complaint(s)/Dispute(s) for Resolution:


Complaint/Dispute Reference No.

Date of Receipt

Complaint seeking adjudication by the Workplace Relations Commission under section 6 of the Payment of Wages Act, 1991



Date of Adjudication Hearing: 22/07/2016

Workplace Relations Commission Adjudication Officer: Michael McEntee


In accordance with Section 41(4) of the Workplace Relations Act, 2015 and or Section 6 of the Payment of Wages Act, 1991 following the referral of the complaint(s)/dispute(s) to me by the Director General, I inquired into the complaint(s)/dispute(s) and gave the parties an opportunity to be heard by me and to present to me any evidence relevant to the complaint(s)/dispute(s).

Complainant’s Submission and Presentation:

I stopped working for Respondent security at the beginning of April and requested my final payment and P45 as i need it for my new employment i was told that my P45 Could not be issued until i received my final payment, when i received my payslip it had been short by around 30 hours so i called the office to let them know, They told me it would be payed to me in the next pay which was 2 weeks later but the amount that was on my payslip was never received, I called the office multiple times the week after the payslip was issued and was told there was a problem with payroll but after another few days of waiting and trying to get the money i was told that i would not be payed until i returned the company uniform so that day i came to an agreement with the operations Director to leave the uniform in a bag for him at The XXX Bar which is one of the company's Contracts so that day thats exactly what i did. I was then told the amount i was supposed to receive a week previous would be in the next working payment with the amount that was left short, I waited and when the next working payment came i only...

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