'Contract law in Ireland' (5th Ed.) Robert Clarke (Thomson Round Hall, 2004)

AuthorRachael Hession
PositionB.Comm, LL.B, AITI, Solicitor, Lecturer in Law, Faculty of Law, National University of Ireland, Galway
Robert Clarke
(Thomson Round Hall, 2004)
Contractual situations arenot confined to the realms of
commercial and conveyancing. They are a feature of everyday life.
The existence or non-existence of a contract has serious
consequences. Therefore, the principles and rules to determine
whether a contract has concluded, on what terms if a binding
contract has been entered into and the remedies available to those
injured by a breach of a contract are of paramount importance. A
reader of a publication on contract law should clearly understand
these principles on completion of his study.
This is the fifth edition of RobertClarke’spublication. As the
author points out, the law has moved on since the last edition. It has
changed substantially, as a result of case law and legislative
developments. The book deals comprehensively with the effect
electronic commerce and consumer protection has on the law of
contract, providing a detailed analysis of the relevant legislation. The
author fully explores recent important Irish and English case law for
explaining and illustrating the relevant principles of contract law
and the courts’ approach to the application and development of
these principles. Moreover,he carries out a comparative study with
relevant Canadian, Australian and New Zealand cases.
The author has taken the opportunity of a new edition to
incorporate a substantial body of new material and to rewrite and
expand several chapters. The book is divided into nine parts/twenty
The first partfocuses primarily on the essential elements of a
contract: the Rules of Offer and Acceptance, The Doctrine of
302 [5:1Judicial Studies Institute Journal
*B.Comm, LL.B, AITI, Solicitor, Lecturer in Law, Faculty of Law, National University of
Ireland, Galway.

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