Deadly typhoon causes destruction in Japan

Published date20 September 2022
Typhoon Nanmadol was heading on a northeast path along the west coast of Honshu, with maximum sustained winds of 30 metres per second. While the storm weakened after making landfall, it was still expected to drop as much as 400mm of rain in parts of the region, drenching major cities including Tokyo when people return to work today after a three-day weekend, the Japan Meteorological Agency reported

At least two people were killed when the storm ripped through the main southwest island of Kyushu a day earlier, Kyodo News reported, with one of the fatalities being a man found in a car that had been submerged in Miyazaki prefecture. Nearly 90 others were injured, according to national public broadcaster NHK.

The typhoon triggered landslides, ripped siding off buildings and downed electric lines - leaving about 260,000 homes without power at about noon yesterday in Kyushu, according to a website of Kyushu Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Company.

The storm is forecast to drop heavy rain on large parts of Honshu leading to risks of...

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