Decision Nº M/10/015 from Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, 2017-05-31

Date31 May 2017
Decision NumberM/10/015
PartiesAn Post,PostPoint Business
StatusCleared (Phase 1)
Draft 13 October 2009
M/10/015 – An Post/Postbank
An Post/PostPoint
Section 21 of the Competition Act 2002
Acquisition by An Post of PostPoint
Dated 31 May 2010
1. On 19 May 2010, in accordance with Section 18(1) of the Competition
Act 2002 (“the Act”), the Competition Authority (“the Authority”)
received a notification of a proposed transaction whereby An Post
would acq uire so le control of One Dir ect (Ireland ) Limited (“ODIL”), a
wholly owned subsidiary of P ostbank Ireland Limited (“P ostbank”).
ODIL holds and operates the PostPoint busi ness.
2. Postbank is currently jointly owned by An Post and BNP Paribas Fortis.
The proposed transaction arises in the context of the orderly wind-
down of Postbank which was announced by its shareholders on 26
February 2010
. After the transaction, An Post intends to continue the
operation and development of the PostPoint network.
The Undertakings Involved
The Acquirer
3. An Post is the State-owned Irish postal services operat or. An Post’s
activities in the State include the provision of postal services, sale of
stamps, receipt of utility bill payments on behalf of utility companies,
sale of gift cards, and vouchers under t he “One4 All” brand and
processing of television licence payments.
4. These products and services are provided through a netwo rk of stand-
alone post offices, post office counters located within independent
owned retail stores, and via the internet.
5. An Post also provides certain pr oducts and services as an agent of
government departments and entities and commercial entities
(including PostPoint). For example, An P ost distributes welfare
payments on behalf of the Department of Social and Family Affairs,
distributes savings products on behal f of National Treasury
Management Agency and provides money transmission services such
as Western Union money transfers and Eurogiro payments. As an
agent of PostPoint, An Post sells pre-paid mobile phone top-up in
return for a commission.
6. In addition, An Post provides back-office services to PostPoint in
respect of the sale of top up c redits for pre-paid mobile phones and t he
receipt of utility bill payments by PostPoint. Payment information

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