Decision Nº M/11/024 from Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, 2011-08-22

Decision NumberM/11/024
Decision Date22 August 2011
Date22 August 2011
PartiesAcromas,Allied Healthcare
StatusCleared (Phase 1)
Merger Notification No. M/11/024 – Acromas/Allied Healthcare
Acromas/Allied Healthcare
Section 21 of the Competition Act 2002
Proposed merger of Acromas Holdings Limited and Allied Healthcare
International Incorporated.
Dated 22 August 2011
1. On 4 August 2011, in accordanc e wi th secti on 18 of the Competition
Act 2002 (“the Act”), the Competiti on Authority (“the Authority”)
received a notification of a proposed transaction whereby AHL
Acquisition Corp, a subsidiary of Saga Group Limited (wholly owned by
Acromas Holdings Limited) (“Acromas”), would merge with Allied
Healthcare International Inc. (“Allied Healthcare”).
2. On 5 August 2011, the Authority forwarded a copy of the notification to
the Minister and notified the undertakings involved in the proposed
transaction that the Authority considered it to be a “media merger”
within the meaning of section 23 of the Act.
The Undertakings Involved
The Acquirer
3. Acromas is a holding company registered in England that is jointly
controlled by three private equity houses; Permira Advisers LL P,
(“Permira”), funds mana ged by affiliates of CVC Capital Partners
SICAV-FIS S.A. (“CVC”) and Charterhouse Capital Partners LL P
(“Charterhouse”). Permira and CVC funds each r espectively have a
controlling interest in companies that carry on a media business as
defined in section 23 of the Act. Neither of these media businesses
has a physical presence in th e State but they did generate sales in the
State in 2010.
4. CVC funds control an Australi an diversified media and entertainment
group call ed Nine Entertainment Co. The group’s core business
activities are gaming and entertainment, television production and
broadcasting, magazine publishing and distribution and investment i n
digital media and entertainment businesses.
5. Permira is acti ve in a media business through it s portfolio company
All3Media. All3Media is active in independent television programme
production, licensing of television programmes and talent
management. It is acti ve in the production of drama, entertainment
and factual programmes mainly in the United Kingdom (“the U.K.”),
the Netherlands and Germany. It al so licenses programmes to
different countries worldwide.

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