Decision Nº M/13/014 from Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, 2013-05-17

Decision NumberM/13/014
PartiesGothia Financial Group AS,arvato infoscore GmbH
StatusCleared (Phase 1)
arvato infoscore GMBH/Gothia Financial Group
Section 21 of the Competition Act 2002
Proposed acquisition by arvato infoscore of sole control of Gothia
Financial Group
Dated 17/May/2013
1. On 24th April 2013, in ac cordance w ith sec tion 18 of the Competition
Act 2002 (“the Act”), the Competition Authority (“the Authority”)
received a notification of a proposed transacti on whereby Bertelsmann
SE & Co. KGaA (“Bertelsmann”) would acquire the entire issued and
outstanding shares in Gothia Financial Group A.S. (“Gothia”) through
arvato infoscore Gmbh (“arvato”).
The Undertakings Involved
The Acquirer
2. Arvato is a pri vate limited liability company organised under the laws
of Germany and a wholly owned s ubsidiary of Berte lsmann. It provides
business processes solutions including all services related to the
manufacture and distribution of printed products and digital storage
media, as well as data management, customer care, customer
relationship management servic es, supply chain management, digital
distribution, financial services, and individual ised IT services.
3. Bertelsmann, headquartered in Gütersloh, Germany, is a private
partnership limited by shares,
and active in over 50 countries in
television, radio, book publishing, magazine publishing, media servic es
and med ia clubs. 80.9 per cent of the share capital in Bert elsmann is
held indirectly by foundations (Bertelsmann Stiftung, Reinhard Mohn
Stiftung, BVG-Stiftung) and 19.1 percent is held indirectly by the Mohn
family. Bertelsmann has four corporate divis ions:
RTL Group (“RTL”) is a broadcasting a nd production company
operating radio and television stations within Europe but not
within the State,
Random House is involved in book publishing,
Gruner + Jahr (“G+J”) is involved in printing and publishing
magazines and newspapers including via th e internet, and
For further details see nn-at-a-
For more information on Bertelsmann’s corporate divisions see

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