Delany and McGrath on Civil Procedure (4th edition) by Hilary Biehler, Declan McGrath and Emily Egan McGrath

Date01 January 2019
Delany and McGrath on Civil Procedure
Delany and McGrath on Civil Procedure (4th edition) by Hilary Biehler, Declan
McGrath and Emily Egan McGrath (Round Hall, Dublin, 2018)
e procedural rules that regulate civil litigation before our highest courts are
indubitably voluminous, intricate and diverse. Aer all, the existence of a body
of neutral rules precisely designed to control the manner in which the most
signicant disputes are ventilated impartially and eciently in the superior
courts of a legal system governed by the rule of law is an essential prerequisite to
guaranteeing fairness, justice and equity as between the parties to that litigation. It
is at least equally important that those rules are easily understood by those involved
in litigation before our superior courts, whether legally trained or not. From the
outset, Delany and McGrath on Civil Procedure delivers an expert and accessible
digest of the essential anatomy, from start to nish, of litigation before our superior
uite a number of signicant structural and procedural changes have come into
force since the last edition of this distinguished text was published in 2011. It is
little surprise, then, that this latest edition now stretches to an impressive 1,437
pages, credits an additional author in Emily Egan McGrath, and features a
consequent title-change from Civil Procedure in the Superior Courts to Delany and
McGrath on Civil Procedure.
is fourth edition opens with a concise introductory response to the sometimes
vexed question of establishing jurisdiction before Ireland’s superior courts. e
explanation of the rules on jurisdiction under private and public international
law applicable in Ireland serves to underline the importance of jurisdiction as a
denitive issue in any litigation with an international focus. e authors’ succinct
treatment of the case law of the CJEU on certain niche applications of the Brussels
I Recast Regulation,1 having come into force since the last edition was published,
will be of signicant assistance to practitioners in this regard. e consideration
* Glen Rogers is a litigation Associate at McCann FitzGerald and former Editor-in-Chief of the
Hibernian Law Journal. e author is very grateful to Ciarán Donohue for the kind invitation to
write this review.
1 Council Regulation (EU) 1215/2012 on Jurisdiction and the Recognition and Enforcement of
Judgments in Civil and Commercial Matters (Brussels I Recast Regulation) [2012] OJ L351/1.

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