Dublin Christmas: 13 best throwback presents you will always remember unwrapping on Christmas Day

Published date18 November 2021
AuthorAmy Donohoe
Publication titleDublinLive (Ireland)
You'd wake up your siblings and check to see if Santa ate what you left out for him, then you'd open the presents that he managed to bring down the chimney.

Us young ones were satisfied with a single toy and an orange wedged in the end of a stocking, but now Christmas consists of electric scooters and PS5's.

And everyone can recall at least one occasion when a wee child has ignored an expensive gift and played with the cardboard box it came in instead.

Most people will have one stand-out memory of a favourite toy they will never forget, making it the best Christmas ever.

They'll never forget the moment of excitement when they first saw it appear during the chaos of unwrapping.

We bet you'll find something in the list below that takes you back to the "best Christmas ever".


Initially, Furby seemed like great craic - the big eyes and cute voice really stole our hearts. But, by the time you named them and they said "you, me friends?" twenty thousand times, you were ready to throw them out the window. And there's always someone who had a traumatic experience when they started asking for food in the middle of the night.

Tickle Me Elmo

Elmo was released in 1996, and the shelves were empty in minutes – people went nuts for him! We still find the little red monster to be the cutest creation from Sesame Street.


Trying to keep your balance on these things was harder than it looked, but you had to keep practicing because anyone who could casually glide around instantly became the coolest child in primary school.

Now CD/ Tape

You'd play this in the kitchen when mammy started making the dinner, and then you'd have to remember to pop in the second disc.

Hannah Montana

From the wig, to the guitar, every little girl had to have the Hannah Montana merch.


After watching Home Alone, everyone wanted one of these electronic recording devices to be like Kevin McAllister. Merry Christmas you filthy animal.

A bike


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