Dublin comedian Emma Doran reveals her hair fell out over stress of buying home

Published date29 June 2022
Publication titleDublinLive (Ireland)
The funnywoman worked in an office in 2020 and said she worried every week that she would lose her job as she and her partner were trying to buy a house

She revealed the stress became so intense that she began to notice her hair falling out.

Emma said: "I was completely stressed, and thought I was going to lose my job like I'm sure loads of people. Every other week there was this air of 'You're going to lose your job' and I had been working towards – what felt like forever – trying to buy a house and my hair was actually falling out.

"I've always had really thick hair and I never had to worry about my hair.

"I was never into fancy shampoos or vitamins. I just didn't need it.

"Then I noticed that when I was washing my hair, a lot was coming out. I thought it was seasonal.

"Then I realised my hair falling out was caused by stress.

"In terms of my appearance, hair was one of those things that I was quite confident with. I was always like, 'Oh sure I'll be able to do something with my hair' because I always had loads of it.

"So, it was super scary [when it started falling out]."

The 38-year-old said her mother, who is a nurse, helped diagnose her hair loss.

But Emma – who was speaking at the launch of West Coast Cooler's Only Cans campaign which sees the iconic drink launch a...

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