Dublin Simon Community highlights homelessness crisis using video created by AI technology

AuthorKim O'Leary
Published date24 March 2023
Publication titleDublinLive (Ireland)
Dublin Simon Community's Unfair City uses AI technology to tell the story of former homeless man Justin Cannon. Justin was interviewed, and his story was then animated using AI image generators and the AI imagery was also created by Justin's own words

The unique project also used AI generators to protect the person's dignity and privacy while sharing their story. The Dublin Simon Community has also said it is becoming more challenging for charities to illustrate the impact and issues around homelessness as the crisis gets "out of control".

The charity is hoping that the use of AI will garner wider interest and appeal to a new audience of younger more technologically minded donors. CEO of Dublin Simon Community Catherine Kenny said: "As we continue to navigate unchartered territory and unprecedented levels of homelessness and housing insecurity, innovation is needed now more than ever to protect the almost 9,000 people stuck in emergency accommodation in Dublin and the surrounding counties and the thousands more living in fear of losing their homes.

"The potential for this technology is huge for the...

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