Dubs reveal how much you should tip at a restaurant - and it might surprise you

Published date29 June 2022
Publication titleDublinLive (Ireland)
The tradition may have started in the states but now is common practice in Irish pubs and restaurants. However, 'service charges' are becoming more and more common in many restaurants, meaning customers no longer tip staff directly

The Government are now looking to ban "service charges" on receipts unless the money goes directly to the staff member. Tanaiste Leo Varadkar is expected to make a change to tipping law which will provide clarity to customers on what they are being charged for.

Mr Varadkar said: "Our overall objective with the bill is to prevent employers from using tips or gratuities to make up basic wages and to introduce transparency about how tips and service charges are distributed.

"Customers really can't be sure what services charges are used for or whom they go to. Voluntary services charges are clearly the same as a tip or a gratuity but by definition, mandatory service charges are not."

Dublin Live went out on the streets of Dublin to...

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