Editor's Note

AuthorConor Quane
PositionEditor-in-Chief of the 15th Edition
A lot can change in 15 years. This is no less true even in the putatively slow-moving Irish
legal world: newly-weds of the same-sex, justices of the Court of Appeal, and those who
would seek to transmit personal data across the Atlantic an all attest to this reality. What has
not changed since 2001 however, is the need for vigorous examination- and when called for,
criticism- of these changes, both by experts in the field and the fresh voices of students
apprehending the area for the first time. Legal journals are the vehicles for this analysis,
playing a crucial role in steering the direction of legal development and nurturing new legal
The Cork Online Law Review celebrates its 15th birthday this year, and since its founding in
2001 it has strived in particular to achieve this latter goal. Run by students, for students, it
both offers an opportunity for the publication of student authors, and acts as a service to
students who use its diverse content to develop their own work.
It is my great pleasure to oversee the publication of the 15th Edition of COLR, and I sincerely
hope all who read it will find it worthy of the high standards set over the past 15 years. What
cannot be doubted however, is the standard of all those who have played a part in production
of this year’s Edition. I would like to extend our thanks to all of this year’s authors for their
helpful co-operation in the editing of articles; to the Executive Committee of UCC Law
Society for their unwavering support; to Professor William Binchy for kindly taking to time
to write the foreword for this Edition; to Professor Ursula Kilkelly, Head of the College of
Business and Law and Dean of the School of Law, for her guest article and assistance
throughout the year; and to the staff of UCC School of Law for their consistently excellent
input on the articles, in particular to Dr Catherine O’Sullivan, Dr Aisling Parkes, Dr Patrick
O’Callaghan, Professor Deirdre Madden, Dr Darius Whelan, Dr Sean Ó Conaill, Professor
Maeve McDonagh.
Our sincere gratitude goes also to Arthur Cox; their continued and generous backing of
COLR is a testament to their engagement with students and their respect for the cultivation of
legal knowledge
Above all, I must express my deepest gratitude to our ever-diligent, insightful and vivacious
Editorial Board, in particular to our Deputy Editor Sinead Harrington; as intense as things
often get approaching the publication date, their spirit and work ethic never faltered. Finally,
I wish to thank Dr Maria Cahill, our Liaison Officer with UCC School of Law; it cannot be
denied that her expertise has made this a far finer Edition than it would have been in her
Is mise le meas,
Conor Quane.
Editor-in-Chief of the 15th Edition
March 2016.

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