Editorial Board of the 18th Edition of the Cork Online Law Review 2019

(2019) 18 COLR ix
Editorial Board of the Eighteenth Edition of
the Cork Online Law Review 2019
Eoin Doyle BCL (Business) II
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Elisha Carey BCL (International) II
Letters Editor
Sinéad Walsh BCL (Clinical) III
House Style Editor
Fiona Hughes BCL (International) IV
Languages Editior
Jack Lyons BCL (International) IV
Case Notes Editor
Liam O’Driscoll BCL (International) III
Article Editors
Honor Tuohy LLM (Candidate)
Stephen Lynch BCL, LLM (Candidate)
Ciara Woulfe BCL (Irish) IV
Ciaran Cummins BCL (Clinical) IV
Izzy Kenny BCL II
Seán Layzell BCL II
Seóna Kiely BCL (Business) II
Juliette Hanley BCL (Pathways) I
Alannah Humphreys BCL (Pathways) I
Evan McGarry BCL (Business) I

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