Ex-RTE host Mike Murphy furious after person duped by devious scammers using his face

Published date24 March 2023
Mike Murphy, 81, warned people about an investment fraud that he slammed as a "total and utter fabrication". Murphy, who is not retired, said scammers have been using pictures from his appearance on the Tommy Tiernan Show

The Dubliner said: "I don't know what you do in these situations. I have heard about these kinds of things before but I'm irked by it and very, very concerned lest anyone would think it's true. It is utterly a scam that is literally what it is."

Speaking to Joe Duffy on RTE Liveline, Mike said he was horrified after he was told someone had invested in the scam. He said: "Someone from RTE told me this morning that a person had been in touch and said that they had invested in whatever the hell this thing is.

"And like I said I don't know what it is but I'm amused at the idea that in the middle of an...

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