AuthorMark Poustie
(2021) 20 COLR vi
On behalf of the School of Law at University College Cork, I would like to congratulate
Denis Clancy and the members of the Editorial Board who have prepared this 20th Edition of
the Cork Online Law Review, bringing it to publication amidst the very challenging
circumstances of the ongoing global pandemic. Their efforts deserve to be acknowledged and
applauded. It is through their dedication and hard work that this significant vehicle for
scholarly legal academic debate continues and that rigorous academic standards are upheld.
The academic contribution that COLR makes is dependent on the intellectual ambition of the
authors who submit their work to be considered for publication. This year, the articles which
appear in the online journal are of a really high quality and reflect a great level of intellectual
ambition and excellent engagement with the editorial process. For their evident quality and
significant contribution to legal academic debate, all submissions are to be commended.
There is no doubt that the quality of the 20th Edition of COLR reflects well both on the
School and our students. It contributes to the School’s reputation and that of our students.
COLR also provides a great opportunity for students to develop and showcase their research
and writing skills in a meaningful way as well as making a valuable contribution to academic
legal debate.
The multilingual nature of the journal which provides the opportunity to publish in both
French and Irish as well as English is to be strongly commended. Facility with French and
Irish in addition to English is a real advantage for Irish graduates particularly in the EU
context following Brexit. The innovations introduced in this edition – the Case Notes
Competition and the blog series, The Roundtable – are also to be commended.
The 20th Edition of the Cork Online Law Review is something which the School of Law can
rightly be very proud of. Well done to the authors, members of the Editorial Board and to my
colleagues who have provided support and assistance for the online journal! Thanks also to
Arthur Cox for their continuing sponsorship of COLR which is much appreciated.
Professor Mark Poustie
12th April 2021

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