Foreword to the Fifteenth Edition

AuthorWilliam Binchy
PositionEmeritus Professor of Law, Trinity College Dublin
It is a considerable honour to be invited to provide the Foreword to the 15th Edition of the
Cork Online Law Review. There is a tangible vitality to the contributions. The authors clearly
care deeply about law and its place in society. They are not hesitant to criticise, but their
criticism is invariably positive and informed. They have an international perspective and their
discourse moves seamlessly from Irish constitutional law to EU law and global and regional
human rights jurisprudence.
Substantive legal theory is analysed, on the themes of the constitutional approach to abortion,
the values underlying property and housing law in Ireland, and the rights of minority
languages in domestic courts. There is throughout a concern for law-in-action, most notably
in relation to such matters as the fallibilities of eyewitness evidence in criminal prosecutions,
the need for the child’s voice to be heard more clearly in family law proceedings, the
possibility of converting conveyancing into an entirely electronic process and a study of
employment law relating to professional football. No one can accuse the authors of having
retreated to an ivory tower: these all are themes of great contemporary relevance, where calm
and informed analysis contributes an important social good.
The Editor-in-Chief, Conor Quane, has every reason to be proud of his achievement; it is a
pride that ought also to be felt by all the contributors and, indeed, by the Law Society and
Faculty of University College Cork. The Cork Online Law Review has a richly deserved
international reputation for scholarship and the 15th Edition further enhances that reputation.
William Binchy, Emeritus Professor of Law, Trinity College Dublin.
March 2016.

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