Foreword to the Nineteenth Edition

AuthorProfessor Maria Cahill
(2020) 19 COLR v
On behalf of the Dean, Professor Mark Poustie, and on behalf of the School of Law at
University College Cork, I warmly congratulate Sinéad Walsh and the members of the
Editorial Board who have prepared this 19th volume of the Cork Online Law Review,
bringing it to publication amidst the very challenging circumstances of a global pandemic.
As I have affirmed many times in the past, the academic contribution that COLR makes
is dependent on the intellectual ambition of the authors who submit their work to COLR.
The authors featured in this collection have each chosen to wrestle with an important legal
question of our times in a truly academic way and to engage constructively with the
editorial process in order to raise the quality of their submission even further. For their
evident commitment to academic quality, they are to be commended.
COLR’s academic contribution is also dependent on the dedication and diligence of the
members of the Editorial Board, whose industry, behind the scenes and away from the
spotlight, deserves to be recognised and applauded. It is through their efforts that this
important platform for legal scholarship is maintained and that rigorous academic
standards are upheld, year after year.
For the sake of both the authors and the editors, I am very sorry that the launch of the
19th edition is to be accomplished virtually this year, thereby depriving the legal
community of an important moment (in real life) to acknowledge and pay due respect to
those who have brought this edition of COLR to fruition. However, the virtual launch of
the 19th edition in these times is a particular testament to fortitude and resilience, as well
as being, like every edition of COLR, a testament to how a small group of dedicated
students and scholars can make a contribution to legal scholarship of which the Law
School is rightly proud.
Professor Maria Cahill
26th March 2020

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