Foreword to the Twelfth Edition

AuthorUrsula Kilkelly
[2013] COLR
It gives me great pleasure to introduce the 12th Edition of the Cork Online Law
Review, UCC’s student-run law journal. The journal is an excellent and enduring
initiative by the UCC Law Society, of which the Faculty of Law is very proud. It
represents the student contribution to the Faculty’s excellent research profile and it
reflects our shared commitment to engaging with the many complex and
contemporary issues affecting law and society. The range of subjects addressed in
this year’s journal is consistent with the variety of areas in which the Faculty of Law
has expertise. From tax law to penal reform, from assisted suicide to artist’s royalties
this edition of the journal is a particularly rich source of legal information and
analysis and it addresses pertinent issues of concern to the lawyers of today and
tomorrow, in Ireland and around the world. It will, I believe, make an important
contribution to legal scholarship and to our understanding and awareness of the
issues that it considers.
The authorship of this wide range of articles is also varied it includes
undergraduate law students, those pursuing doctoral studies and those embarking
on or involved in careers in legal practice. Again, this diversity is important to show
that as scholars of the law we are all connected, regardless of our geographical
location, our institutional affiliation or our academic or professional perspectives.
As is always the case, the preparation of the journal is a collaborative effort. Steered
with great skill by the Editor-in-Chief John Casey, the editorial board has worked
exceptionally hard to select and edit the chosen pieces for publication. My colleague
Dr Fiona Donson played a particularly valuable role in supporting the work of the

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