New Framework Proposed For Ireland's .ie Top Level Domain


ComReg has announced that it will appoint IEDR as the

authority authorised to register .ie domain names under the

Communications Regulation (Amendment) Act 2007, amending the

Electronic Commerce Act 2000, which transferred to ComReg powers to

make regulations affecting the management and administration of

Ireland's .ie ccTLD.

The somewhat troubled history of the Irish Internet Domain

Registry ("IEDR") and its management of Ireland's

i.e. Top Level Domain (ccTLD) seems to be heading for smoother

waters following a consultation process conducted by Ireland's

Commission for Communications Regulation ("ComReg") on

the basis of powers and functions recently granted to it.

Up to now, the .ie ccTLD has been delegated by ICANN/IANA to

University College Dublin, while the practical day-to-day

administration of the domain has been dealt with, not without

controversy, by IEDR, an independent not-for-profit body.

ComReg commenced a consultation process in June 2008 canvassing

the views of interested parties in relation to how Comreg should

implement the changes provided for by the Act of 2007. Following

such consultation process ComReg commissioned an independent review

and due diligence analysis on IEDR's activities. On the basis

of the results of that review and analysis, which determined that

IEDR was both financially sound and operated under an acceptable

code of governance, ComReg, in a report of the results of the

consultation process published on 12 January this year, has

announced that it will appoint IEDR as the authority authorised to

register .ie domain names under the Act of 2007.

The following further steps are also planned:

IEDR will establish and maintain a Policy Advisory Committee

("PAC") representative of all stakeholders in the

internet Community, with its chairperson approved by ComReg. This

is in response to views expressed in the consultation process that

more account need to be taken by IEDR of the views of the internet


IEDR will continue to adopt the "managed approach" to

.ie registrations, as opposed to a "first come-first

served" model. ComReg regards the "managed approach"

model as more secure and regards the protection of .ie domain name

holders as more important than creating a market in .ie domain


The Department of Communications, Energy and National Resources

in Ireland ("DCENR") will replace University College

Dublin as the Sponsoring Organisation under ICAAN/IANA rules for

the .ie resource. ComReg, as...

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