Graham Dwyer set to learn today if he has won appeal against murder conviction

Published date24 March 2023
Dwyer, 50, was jailed for life in April 2015 after he was convicted of her murder following a two-month long trial that gripped and horrified the nation. However, he immediately appealed that conviction

He proclaims his innocence and the Court of Criminal Appeal heard his appeal against conviction late last year and three judges on it are due to give their verdict this morning. The court has three options.

It can dismiss Dwyer's appeal and uphold the murder conviction, quash his conviction and order a retrial or it can quash it and rule that there should be no trial. Dwyer was convicted of murdering Ms O'Hara, 36, after his trial heard he killed her for his sexual gratification.

A key plank of his appeal is challenging the use of data from his mobile phone in the...

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