Harris will not face criminal charges

Published date20 September 2022
Publication titleIrish Times (Dublin, Ireland)
The DPP has decided no charges will be pursued against Mr Harris or his wife Gwen Halley

Ms Moore made a formal statement of complaint to gardaí, which prompted a criminal investigation, alleging she had been harassed online via Twitter accounts linked to Mr Harris and Ms Halley. The investigation was carried out by gardaí in Pearse Street station in Dublin's south inner city, with the inquiry completed earlier this year and the case file sent to the DPP.

However, having considered the results of the inquiry, the DPP has decided no criminal charges will be pursued against Mr Harris or Ms Halley.

Mr Harris confirmed to The Irish Times he had been informed of the DPP's decision. Ms Moore declined to comment.

Ms Moore, who worked for The Examiner newspaper at the time she made the allegations to gardaí and now works for The Sunday Times, also initiated defamation proceedings against Mr Harris and Ms Halley. Those cases are not yet concluded.

In May, some 12 months after she made the criminal complaint, Ms Moore initiated defamation proceedings in the High Court against Ms...

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