Home Tuition Payment to Companies

Published date29 October 2019
IssuerDepartment of Education
The completed claim form should be submitted to:
Home Tuition Payments Section, Schools Division Financial,
Department of Education, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, N37 X 659
Name of Company: ___________________________________________
Parents are advised that, as an exceptional measure and for an agreed period only payment for this
service, once certified and approved will be made directly to this company on your behalf by the
Department of Education.
The completed claims forms will be submitted by the approved Company and the Parent/Legal Guardian
must not make any payment to the Company for any tuition that may have been provided to the student
concerned. Any payments made by the Parent/Legal Guardian to this Company cannot be claimed from
this Department and will not be refunded to the Parent/Legal Guardian by this Department.
Precise hours and dates, where the student has been both in attendance and absent for each week of
the relevant month must be confirmed by the Parent/Legal Guardian in order for payment to be
Only claim forms for tuition that has already taken place will be considered. Forms dated before the
tuition was completed will not be processed.
Payments will only be made in respect of tuition where the tutors, assistants and students have been
pre-approved and in line with terms the sanction letter.
Only the original fully completed claim forms signed and dated by the Parent/Legal Guardian and the
Tutor(s) which are certified by this Company/Organisation will be considered for payment.
Claims for payment in respect of tuition given should be submitted at the end of each calendar month,
but no later than the end of the following month.
Claims should be submitted up to and including the last Friday of the month. Where the last working
days fall in the beginning of the subsequent month they should be included with the claim for that month.
Only original fully completed claim forms signed and dated by the Parent/Legal Guardian and the
Tutor(s) which are certified by this Company will be considered for payment.
Home Tuition is for educational purposes only. The provision of therapeutic services such as Speech
and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychological services etc. are a matter for the Health
Service Executive (HSE). Therefore, Department of Education Home Tuition grants must not be
used, under any circumstances, to fund health related supports.
All Tutors and Assistants must be registered with the Teaching Council for the duration of the tuition
period in order to be eligible to provide tuition under the terms of this scheme. Where registration details
cannot be verified, claims for payment for that Tutor and or class will not be paid. Subsequent payment
for that Tutor/Assistant/ Class will be made subject to the updated registration details of the Tutor/
Parents/Legal Guardians/Tutors/Assistants/Company Authorities are advised to familiarise themselves
with the terms and conditions of the Home Tuition Grant Scheme which are outlined in the terms and
conditions agreed annually by the Department of Education and the providers and the sanction letter
issued by the Department.

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