Housing crisis and youth emigration

Published date23 November 2022
Publication titleIrish Times: Web Edition Articles (Dublin, Ireland)
I wrote a piece a few months ago about living in Brussels, where I was able to a rent a room in a three-bed apartment in a great location for less than €500 a month, bills included ("Driven out of the land of a thousand welcomes", Abroad, June 13th). I returned to Ireland in September for work and struggled to find somewhere to rent. I'm now in a 1970s four-bed house in Santry in Dublin, where I'm paying around €650 to €700 a month with bills. I pay an additional €80 to €100 month on the bus for an hourly commute 8km into the city centre every day. I never know if I'll be on time or not because the buses are so unreliable. My 6km commute to work in Brussels took 20 minutes and cost a maximum of €50 a month for an unlimited monthly urban travel pass

In the last year...

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