AuthorLaura Cahillane
PositionEditor in Chief
[2020] Irish Judicial Studies Journal Vol 4(1)
I am delighted to present the first edition of the Irish Judicial Studies Journal for 2020. This
edition has a great selection of articles from judges, practitioners and academics, covering a
diverse range of issues. History is a major theme in this edition from the issue of heroism,
to Catholicism, and a look at a major historic case. The very topical subject of personal
injuries is considered, as well as the state as a litigant. Further articles consider the areas of
corporate insolvency law, judicial interpretation, and the Parole Act. We also have two
book reviews.
I would like to thank our editorial team at the University of Limerick, as well as our copy-
editor Lucy Davis, our copy-writer Bríana Walsh, and all of the authors who
contributed to this edition.
Bain taitneamh as.
Dr Laura Cahillane
Editor in Chief

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