Q4 Irish Fund Statistics Show Further Growth

Author:Mr Fionán Breathnach and Mark Browne
Profession:Mason Hayes & Curran

On 8 March 2013, the Central Bank of Ireland issued statistics for Q4 2012 on investment funds resident in Ireland. The total number of shares or units in issue by the end of Q4 2012 increased by 4.4% to932 billion. This increase was due to revaluations of11.5 billion and net new subscriptions of28 billion. Irish investment funds were recorded as holding171 billion sovereign bonds and253.4 billion of corporate bonds at the end of Q4. There was a 3% outflow from US sovereigns and this may have been due to fears over the fiscal cliff. In addition, there were slight outflows from Belgian, German and French sovereigns bonds. However, increases in Italian and Spanish sovereign holdings were noted in Q4 2012 (23% and 49% respectively). This renewed interest in Italy and Spain may be due to increased confidence following the announcement of the Outright Monetary Transactions program, an initiative to support countries within the Eurozone struggling with their debt. Statistics gathered on different categories of funds show that, during Q4 2012, bond funds experienced inflows of11.6 billion and positive...

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