Irish Marine Planning Update: Publication Of Draft National Marine Planning Framework


On 12 November 2019, the Government published the draft National Marine Planning Framework ("NMPF") for public consultation. The consultation closes at 12 noon on 28 February 2020. Click here to view the draft National Marine Planning Framework.

The NMPF is the marine spatial plan and is expected to be adopted in late 2020. It will cover Ireland's maritime area, including internal waters (sea area), territorial seas, exclusive economic zone and continental shelf.

The NMPF will be a key tool for decision-making on marine activities, including decisions on individual consent applications. The NMPF will not replace or remove existing regulatory regimes or legislative requirements governing the operation of various marine sectoral activities. It will instead provide an overarching framework for their continued operation.

The NMPF sets out planning objectives and policies relating to 16 different sectors / activities including offshore renewable energy and other energy sectors, aquaculture, fisheries, telecommunications, ports, harbours and shipping. For offshore renewables a preference will be...

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