Kelly: The Irish Constitution (5th edition) by Gerard Hogan, Gerry Whyte, David Kenny and Rachael Walsh

Date01 January 2019
Kelly: e Irish Constitution (5th Edition)
Kelly: e Irish Constitution by Gerard Hogan, Gerry Whyte, David Kenny, and
Rachael Walsh (5th edn, Bloomsbury, 2018)
Recent years have seen something of an avalanche of books engaging Irish
constitutional law. Consider a sample: those with a historical focus by Laura
Cahillane,1 Donal Coey2 and Gerard Hogan;3 those emphasising social dimen-
sions by Gerry Whyte4 and Claire Michelle Smyth;5 those on the Constitution in
comparative lens, including that edited by Giuseppe Ferrari and John O’Dowd;6
on religion and Article 44, by Eoin Daly;7 on the Constitution in a theoretical
perspective, by Daly and the present author;8 in feminist lens, edited by Aoife
O’Donoghue, Máiréad Enright and Julie McCandless;9 on repeal of the eighth
amendment, by Enright and Fiona de Londras;10 on the Supreme Court by Brice
Dixon11 and Ruadhán MacCormaic;12 on judges and judging by Jennifer Carroll
MacNeill,13 and those edited by Eoin Carolan,14 and by Cahillane, James Gallen
and the present author;15 and then the recent contribution by Oran Doyle, with a
* Dr. Tom Hickey is assistant professor at the School of Law and Government, Dublin City
University. He is co-author (with Oran Doyle) of Constitutional Law: Texts, Cases and Materials
(2nd edn, Clarus Press 2019), co-editor (with Laura Cahillane and James Gallen) of Judges, Politics
and the Irish Constitution (Manchester University Press 2017) and co-author (with Eoin Daly) of
e Political eory of the Irish Constitution (Manchester University Press 2015).
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(Manchester University Press 2017).

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