Local Government Board for Ireland, Appellants; M'Kay, Respondent

CourtHouse of Lords (Ireland)
Judgment Date06 August 1903
Date06 August 1903

H. L.

Earl of Halsbury, L.C., Lords Macnaghten, Davey, Robertson and Lindley



ELR DLTR [1903] A. C. 402; New Ir. Jur., vol. 3, p. 335; 37 Ir. L. T. R. 196.

Poor-rate collector — Transfer to County Council — Scheme — Remuneration — Compensation.

670 THE IRISH REPORTS. [1903. B. B. Div. expense of rafting and chaining this cargo. As to the second point, 1901. Mr. Carlisle was not justified in requiring delivery of the cargo 'SORT HMOOR log by log over the side, because that was not according to the S.S. Co. v. contract, even if the offer was made in sincerity. I, therefore, HARLAND & judgment udgment should be entered for the plaintiffs for the amount WOLFF. think --- in dispute. Johnson, J. Solicitor for the plaintiffs : Martin J. Burke. Solicitor for the defendants : John G. White. 7. G. T. H. L. LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD FOR IRELAND, 1903. APPELLANTS ; M'KAY, RESPONDENT. Mar. 16, 17, 19. Poor-rate collector—Transfer to County Council—Scheme—Remuneration August 6. Compensation. APPEAL from the judgment of the Court of Appeal ([1902] 2 I. R. 637), sub. nom. R. (11‘Kay) v. Local Government Board for Ireland. The Solicitor-General (Campbell, K.C.), Chambers, K.C., and R. Mandel's, for the appellants (the...

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