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1. Introduction:

1.1 The purpose of this Practice Direction is to update the existing mapping directions, to introduce and explain the new map products and inspection facilities that are available to customers as a result of the introduction of digital mapping.

1.1.1 Specific instructions and guidelines for customers are outlined in the Practitioner’s Guide and the Appendices. The Practitioner’s Guide and Appendices were prepared to inform and advise customers and account holders about map products that are now available and to explain how to use the Registry’s online map.

1.1.2 Out of necessity this document and the appendices will change when further enhancements are introduced and work practices change and evolve.

1.2 Sections of the Acts and Rules commonly recited:

The Registration of Title Act, 1964:

  • Section 84 as amended by section 61 of the Act of 2006
  • Section 85 as amended by section 62 of the Act of 2006
  • Section 86
  • Section 87
  • Section 88
  • Section 89
  • Section 107 as amended by section 5 of the Act of 2006
  • Section 125

Land Registration Rules, 2012:

  • Rules 8, 15(1)(c), 29, 56, 121, 139, 140, 141, 142, 146, 147, 159, 160, 165

1.3 Abbreviations:

  • “the Act of 1964” – Registration of Title Act, 1964
  • “the Act of 2006” – Registration of Deeds and Title Act, 2006
  • “LR Rules 2012” – Land Registration Rules, 2012
  • “the Authority” – Property Registration Authority
  • “PRA” – Property Registration Authority
  • “Registry” – The Land Registry
  • “OSi” – Ordnance Survey of Ireland
  • “ITM”– Irish Transverse Mercator coordinate reference system

1.4 Other Documents & Guides referred to:

  • Practitioner’s Guide 2010
  • Mapping Procedures for First Registration of a Property, Sub-divisions of Registered Property, Rights over Registered Property.


  • Appendix 1: Basic Requirements for acceptance of maps in Land Registry
  • Appendix 2: Mapping Rejection Slip
  • Appendix 3: Mapping Procedures for Registration of Development Schemes
  • Appendix 4: Requirements for acceptance of Computer Generated Paper (Hard Copy) Maps
  • Appendix 5(a): Mapping Procedure for Registration of Multistorey Developments
  • Appendix 5(b): Transfers of Common Areas under Multi-Unit Developments Act 2011
  • Appendix 6: Checklist for Multi-storey Development Plans
  • Appendix 7: Required structure for CAD files for Registration Purposes
  • Appendix 8(a): Official Property Registration Authority Maps
  • Appendix 8(b): Ordnance Survey Ireland ITM ‘Land Registry Compliant Map’
  • Appendix 9: Legends and Symbols on the Land Registry Map
  • Appendix 10: Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
  • Appendix 11: MSB Search using
2. The Land Registry Map:

2.1 The Land Registry maintains a general and/or index map that records the position and extent of every registered property. The Registry map is based on the Ordnance Survey Maps for the State.

2.1.1 Rule 146 of the LR Rules 2012:

(1) Registry maps shall be maintained in paper form or in electronic form, for the plans of property described in the registers.

(2) Where the registry maps are in paper form they shall include ─

(a) general and/or index maps showing thereon the position and extent of every registered property,
(b) any map adopted under the provisions of section 84(2) of the Act (as substituted by section 61 of the Act of 2006).

(3) Where the registry maps are held in electronic form they may be displayed or reproduced in such a manner as the Authority may determine.

(4) The maps maintained shall be on such map projection, with necessary or obvious adjustments to conform to Ordnance Survey Ireland detail or with such consents of after such enquiries or notices, as the Authority directs. Where this is not feasible maps may be maintained for such areas and on such scales as the Authority allows.”

2.1.2 Land Registry archived paper map scales:

  • 1/10,560 or 6 inch to 1 statute mile.
  • 1/2,500, or 25.344 inches to one statute mile.
  • 1/1,250 or 50.688 inches to one statute mile.
  • 1/1,056 also known as the 5 foot map.
  • 1/1,000 metric scale (referred to as Irish Grid and/or National Grid).
  • 1/2,500 metric scale (referred to as Irish Grid and/or National Grid).

2.1.3 Land Registry digital map:

2.1.4 The Land Registry digital maps are based on OSi vector data referencing the Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) coordinate reference system.
Section 84 as substituted by section 61 of the Act of 2006:

84.-(1) Provision may be made by general rules—

(a) for identifying on maps (in this Act referred to as ‘registry maps’) land whose ownership has been registered under this Act, and

(b) for reference in the register to those maps.

(2) (a) For the purposes of such registration—

(i) the Registrar, in respect of the period before the commencement of section 61 of the Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006, is deemed to have had power in any particular case to adopt any map which the Registrar considered satisfactory, and

(ii) on such commencement, the Authority may in any particular case adopt any map which it considers satisfactory.

(b) For the purposes of this Act and the repealed enactments, any map so adopted is, and is deemed always to have been, a registry map.

(3) A registry map shall be in such form, including an electronic or other non-legible form which is capable of conversion into a permanent legible form, as may be prescribed.”

2.2 Accuracy:

2.2.1 Whether in paper or electronic form the accuracy of the Registry map is dependent on the scale and accuracy of the OSi topographic map upon which it is based, and the accuracy of the data submitted for registration purposes. Different levels of accuracy apply depending upon the scale of the map and the original method used to create it.

2.2.2 It is not possible even when using the highest order of survey techniques to achieve perfect accuracy when drawing/digitising features on a map. OSi maps are therefore subject to accuracy limitations. This means that scaled measurements between features shown on the map may not exactly match the actual distance measured...

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