Moore v Irish Car Parks Ltd

CourtEmployment Appeal Tribunal (Ireland)
Judgment Date23 June 1999
Judgment citation (vLex)[1999] 6 JIEC 2301
Date23 June 1999

Employment Appeals Tribunal

Moore v Irish Car Parks Ltd

Due to a loss of a contract the claimant was worried that he might be transferred and lose some of his earnings. For re-assurance he asked the general manager who assured him his job was safe. A month later he sought another re-assurance but this time the general manager asked him to resign showing him how much he'd get if he resigned. Claimant refused to resign. The following week the claimant was off sick and submitted doctor's certificates. Later that week he received his P45 in the post. Respondent said the claimant had enquired about the possibility of redundancy as he was not getting on with some of the other workers. Respondent said he informed the claimant that there was no possibility of redundancy and accordingly the claimant resigned. When the respondent saw the doctor's cerificates for the claimant he was surprised as he thought the claimant had resigned....

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