NERA Prosecute 143 Employers In 2010

Author:Mr Gaffney David
Profession:Coakley Moloney

The National Employment Rights Authority (NERA) prosecuted 143 employers last year for breaching workers rights and secured convictions in 32 cases. NERA's Mission Statement is "To achieve a national culture of employment rights compliance". NERA was established on an interim basis by the Government in February 2007. At a recent Employment Law Conference held by IBEC, Director of NERA, Mr. Ger Deering advised that NERA had carried out inspections in respect of 5,000 workplaces during 2010. He further pointed out that some of the prosecutions taken last year have not yet been completed, so further convictions may follow. Mr. Deering said that they did not adopt a heavy-handed approach to matters and only pursued prosecutions as a last resort, where an employer had refused all opportunities to rectify the alleged breaches. He went on to say that NERA...

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