New Court Rules - Delay In Implementation Of SI 255

Author:Mr Brian Buggy, Michael Byrne, Brendan Colgan, Niamh Counihan, Deirdre Cummins, Sharon Daly, Nicola Dunleavy, Bryan Dunne, Michael Finn, Tom Hayes, Carina Lawlor, April McClements, Julie Murphy-O'Connor, Tony O'Grady, Rebecca Ryan and Niall Pelly

On 1 October 2016, two new Statutory Instruments (SI 254/2016 and SI 255/2016) which made wide-ranging reforms to the procedural rules applicable to civil litigation in Ireland came into force. These rule reforms include enhanced case management in relation to Chancery and Non-Jury proceedings (bringing them in line with the procedures of the Commercial Court) and also introduce significant changes to the filing and exchange of witness statements and expert reports.

However, a number of the rules contained in SI 255 are dependent on the assignment of list judges and registrars to the Chancery and Non-Jury Lists. Following representations made to the President of the High Court, the President has stated that he does not intend to assign either a list judge or registrar within the meaning of the rules until the necessary resources have been put in place. As a result, the rules dependent on the assignment of list judges and registrars (which largely relate to the case management of proceedings) will...

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