Co-Ordination And Oversight Of Planning System

Author:Mr Edward Gleeson, Catherine Allen, Niall Michel, Brian Horkan and James Bardon
Profession:Mason Hayes & Curran

The Minister for Housing and Planning has launched two new initiatives to enhance co-ordination and oversight of the planning system. The first of these is, a free planning information system for the public on the details of all of the 400+ development plans and local area plans across the country. The second is the report of the Regional Authorities (Border, Dublin, Mid-East, Midland, Mid-West, South-East, South-West and West) on the implementation of 2010 Regional Planning Guidelines (RPGs), a copy of which is available to download here. Regional Authorities now have an important role within the process of preparing and varying local authority Development Plans and ensuring proper oversight of the alignment of the Plans at national, regional and local levels through the incorporation of new Core Strategies and relevant objectives from the RPGs into the local Development Plans. The report indicates that the Regional Authorities will, over the coming months, adopt the following priorities in respect of the implementation of the RPGs, namely (1) respond to any changes in governance that will be required by the implementation of Government policy regarding regional and local government reform; (2) develop greater institutional buy-in from...

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