Out-of-school Subjects and Out-of-school Learners Initial Information Form

Published date25 March 2021
IssuerDepartment of Education
Appendix A Form OOS 1
Leaving Certificate 2021 Accredited Grades
Initial Information Form
Out-of-school Subjects and Out-of-school Learners
Read the Guide to Accredited Grades for Leaving Certificate 2021 for (a) Out-of-
School Subjects, and (b) Out-of-School Learners before completing this form.
For students studying out-of-school subjects, this form is to let your school know that
you are studying some subjects entirely outside of school and that you wish to access
Accredited Grades in those subjects. You should look for written confirmation from
your school that your information has been received (see Appendix 1).
For out-of-school learners, you must find a host school, or host centre of learning,
recognised by the SEC for the purpose of holding examinations, to oversee the
submission of estimated marks on your behalf. The host school will be the school, or
centre of learning, where you had arranged to sit the written examinations in June.
This form is to be used to provide information to the host school of learning. You should
look for written confirmation from your host school that your information has been
received (see Appendix 1).
Please tick which of the following below represents your application for an Accredited
Out-of-school subject Out-of-school learner
To complete this information form you will be required to:
provide candidate details - Section A
provide proof of identify - Section B (Out-of-school Learners ONLY)
provide subject information - Section C
sign candidate declaration - Section D
All completed information forms should be submitted to your school/host school.
Schools should retain this form on file. This information form will be acknowledged by
your school (see Appendix 1 for suggested text). If you do not receive written
acknowledgment from your school you should make contact with the school.
Please ensure that BLOCK CAPITALS are used when entering details throughout this
This Initial Information Form should be submitted in hard copy, or electronically, to
the relevant principal/coordinator no later than Thursday 22 April.

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