Owners of S/v ""Rossing"" v Williamson

Judgment Date01 January 1931
Date01 January 1931
CourtCircuit Court
[Cir. Ct., I.F.S.]
Owners of S/V. "Rossing"

Discharge of cargo -Cargo to be taken from alongside, free of expense to ship - Owners empowered to load and discharge with crew - Regulations of trade union -Liability of Consignee.

The defendant chartered a ship under charter party, which provided that the ship was to discharge over rail, that delivery was to be taken from the rail and that the vessel had liberty to load and discharge with her own crew, and there was the usual exception as to strikes. The vessel arrived at D. with a cargo of timber and had to lie about 20 feet from the quay as she could not get nearer. A staging was set up by dock labourers connecting the ship with the quay, and the captain proceeded to discharge to rail. The dock labourers refused to handle cargo on account of a regulation of the Transport and General Workers' Union then in force in D.port, with the sanction of the port authorities, that the dock labourers must do the whole discharging. The labourers had no objection to the crew assisting voluntarily in discharge. The captain then asked the defendant to have...

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