Partner Brid Munnelly Speaks At Conference On The Regulation Of Lobbying Act 2015


Matheson sponsored the recent Public Affairs Ireland (PAI) conference on the new legislation regulating political lobbying in Ireland.  The Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015, which comes into effect on 1 September 2015, introduces new legal obligations for individuals and organisations seeking to lobby Government and public officials at both a central and local level.  The Act seeks to introduce new levels of transparency into the political system and public administration by providing information to the public on who is lobbying who, about what and when.

Bríd Munnelly, Head of Matheson's Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution department, spoke on how the new Act will operate from a legal perspective.  According to Bríd, the new legislation sits on a continuum of public transparency matters. She noted that, under the Act, the onus is on the lobbyist and not the lobbied and that a broad range of people fall within the remit of the lobbying register, not simply those who would be regarded as...

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